MohanSummarized extract from an address given by Dr. Mana Mohan Shrestha of Jawalakhel College at the inauguration of the Sewa (Service) Campaign in Marwadi Sewa Samiti by Nepal Reiki Meditacion Centre, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In 2000, I was suffering from arterial hypertension and what appeared to be severe allergy. I had many medical tests, but the causes remained elusive. Even so I was given regular medication. A back pain led my doctor to discover a kidney infection that was said to be incurable. I became more ill, with headaches, pain in limbs and joints and other difficulties Despite intense medication and sophisticated tests, my condition reached crisis in 2005. I was told I needed urgent kidney surgery.

I read of Reiki in the Kathmandu Post, and was amazed to hear of a patient who had been completely cured of an illness similar to mine. Lama Ngawang brought him back from near to death to a completely normal life. I went to talk to Lama Ngawang, and he started treating me on the 2nd of February. Now, the 12th of April, all the symptoms of my illness have completely disappeared. I can even climb the Swoyambhu hill to the Stupa to give thanks! In this experience I have received two gifts – the first was my own health, and the second was the initiation that gave me the ability to heal other people too. I have now become a healer who can heal people even from a distance.

Finally, I ask you, to open your hearts to Reiki, receive it, practice it, and join me – helping Lama Ngawang with his dream of founding a Reiki Hospital for those who are most in need.

jerry“The Nepal Reiki Meditation Centre and Lama Ngawang Rigdzin have been an inspiration for me. During my time in Nepal I took my level 3a and 3b Reiki Initiations and Level 1 Lama Fera initiation from Guruji; and also volunteered at the centre for about 6 weeks, helping out with both healings and paperwork for the centre. To summarise what I learned in my time at the centre would be nearly impossible; as I learned so much more than just Reiki. Guruji, through his wonderfully kind actions to help all beings, taught me beautifully about Bodhicitta – and amongst many other things – about joyous perseverance! The things I learned about both myself and helping others from my time at the centre is priceless. I have brought home with me a new understanding of life and of my purpose here on earth to help. I am ever so grateful for my time at the Nepal Reiki Meditation Centre and I look forward to returning and catching up with the Reiki “family” I have been blessed to meet. May all beings have happiness and be free of suffering.” Gerry Riddle – New Zealand.

PRASADI, Ram Prasad Rimal, Advanced Reiki Healer, am going to share two of my reiki healing experiences as follows:

1. Devendra Karki from Ramechhap district of Nepal was suffered from paralysis of both legs and could not walk. He was suffering from this disease many years. His treatment was done by various allopathic and ayurvedic doctors, but the results were futile. He had lost all hope of his life. He had heard about Reiki healing long ago. One day, in the month of November, 2011 a relative of him (my neighbor) requested me for reiki treatment to him as a last endeavor. I went in his quarter located at Gongabu, Kathmandu for reiki healing. Both of his legs were very lean and thin due to paralysis. I healed him for about 35 minute. During the reiki healing, I visualized him as he was free of disease and going to Pashupati Nath Temple for devotion. I asked him his feeling after the healing. He said that he felt very much relaxed and was lost in dream for a while. He dreamed he was fell in a well which was full of elixir (Life saving liquid) and somebody pulled him out from there after a while. Two days latter I went to follow up reiki healing to him but he was not found. He had gone to hospital to consult with neurosurgeon for his disease by somebody’s advice. He resided near hospital for treatment. After some time he got operation for the back vain which was pressed by bone, due to which he was suffered by legs paralysis. His operation was successful. Now a day he is in village and began to walk little bit. I did not perform full reiki healing course to him, but only one day’s reiki healing I had visualized his recovery from the paralysis, and in the course of time my visualization was turned to reality. Oh! Great Reiki how powerful are you !!

2. Devaki Rimal from Majuwa village, Nuwakot district of Nepal, was suffered from acute shivering disease. The myth was that she was bearing goddess devi in her body and Goddess devi would express her will through Devaki Rimal. She used to sever very often, sometime 2, 3 times a day. Whenever she started to shiver she lost her mind, muttered different words and attempted to attack anyone near to her, even to her small kids. She used to feel very uncomfortable after shivering. She went to hospital, went to local Dhami and Jhakri (traditional healers with knowledge of herbal medicine and prayers to cast out evil spirits) of for the treatment, but all were in vain. I met her in a marriage ceremony of my cousin Suman on March, 2012. I enquired her about the disease she had been bearing. She told me that Goddess Manakamana (Name of Goddess Devi whose temple is in Gorkha District, Nepal) was trying to sit on her body, it might be true or something else was chewing her heart. I just rubbed my hands and touched her forehead in Agya Chakra (eyebrows centre) by middle finger, she began to shiver. Her husband lighted the incense and smelled to her, and about five minute latter she seemed to be calm. After a while, she went to toilet and again shivered for some time. Same smelling process of incense made her quite. In the evening of that day, her husband requested me for reiki healing to her. I started healing her for one week regularly, then after, I healed her from the distance for some days. Her shivering disease is now completely eradicated. She has got 1st degree of reiki attunement in Buddha Jayanti this year. Now a day, she heals herself and others as well. She is a reiki healer now.
16th August, 2012


I would like to say a very big thank you to the whole team at Nepal Reiki Meditation Centre! I started with the Reiki Level 1 course in October 2009 and was inspired to continue right up to the Reiki Masters level which I received in March 2010. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been initiated by Lama Ngawang Rigdzin and I cannot possibly describe in words what I now feel during both my own personal Reiki meditations & in the healing sessions I do for others.

When I received Reiki Level 1 I had a condition known as Fybromyalgia, a supposedly incurable muscle disease. I can now say that after receiving Reiki, my condition is now very much improved and I am on the way to 100% health again with the continuing divine blessings of Reiki.

Marty Donnelly, Australia


Hi i am Ravi yonzon, I proudly say that I am a reiki healer and lama guruji is my guide in the development of spiritual part of my life. His given me so many teachings and these teachings has made my life easier and simpler to live. Every time I meet him and listern to him I discover that there is new knowledge to learn which makes me near to

him. I have to say that this gift reiki is wonderful and beautiful which makes people healthy wealthy and wise. These days I am giving most of my time to guruji so that the reiki hospital project in thangkot will be built today or tomorrow very soon. So I humbly request all Nepalese and international reiki healers and practitioners to help Nepal reiki meditation centre to achieve their goals. I request people to give their mental physical and financial help as possible to the centre and guruji so that our project will be built sooner than we have expected. We all received initiation and are aware of it’s positive sides and effects and not only this it can also help people change their lives so keeping this thing on mind we should help guruji in this pure project so that lots of people can be helped through healing process which will of course create a healthy environment. I think that every human beings have a right to know about this wonderful knowledge and the devine energy within them for this all people should help this is all for now. May reiki love and light bless us all.
Ravi yonzon.

ArmandoI first learned about Reiki 3 years ago because my mother took the first 3 levels. She gave me Reiki therapy many times but it was not until I was in Nepal, feeling sick and needing healing, that I met Guruji and he gave me a very good healing. After that I decided that I wanted to learn so as to be able to heal myself. So I took the first level initiation and started practicing regularly. The more I’d do it the better I felt. I realized it was worth giving it an hour a day. The logical step was to take the second level and that is where I am. The change is considerable and now I have a great love and faith in Reiki. It is not only a way to be healthy, balanced and peaceful but also a way to help others.

Receiving Reiki is something amazing, especially by someone who has the experience and the love for it, but I feel that there is nothing quite like being able to heal yourself.

Armando Ortega, 22, Mexico

IngridReiki are connections.

The first contact I had with Reiki, was three years ago, with Guruji, Lama Nagwang Rigdzin. He appeared magically, after a four months trip around Nepal and India. A friend in common, from the Vasque Country, the place from I am, Bixin and the Reiki energy makes the appointment possible. Bixin already spoke me about reiki and its benefits, but it was Lies, my lovely Belgium friend who gave the first Reiki session in India. It was magic, relax, illuminating.I never felt anything like this. I was asking myself, how can a pair of hands canalize such energy?

Back from India, when I was almost in my country, and after lots of greats moments and experiences lived, I was feeling Reiki very close, it was following me and viceversa. There were to much signals. I spoke with my friend the experiences I had with Reiki and he recommend me to meet his Guruji, Lama Nagwang Rigdzin, but he was not very sure if he was in Nepal, because he was traveling in Chile for a time. So, the last week from the four months trip, walking by Swayanbhunath, I saw the Nepal Reiki Center (I walked before but I didn’t see it!), I decided to go in. I was lucky! Guruji was there after one year and a half in Chile! So I made the first degree with him and it was the best present I had from this trip!

Through this three years I practice on me. I also do it to other people and the experiences are so particulars as different, but always satisfactory. Always with lots of love.

Now, after three years I decided to go back to India to study Yoga, and after one month decided to do the second level, and now the connections started again! The big surprise was the day after the initiation, I received an invitation from Facebook from Guruji. I couldn’t believe it!! The day after I was taking the fly- tickets for Nepal and after one month do the Reiki Master with him. Coincidence? I don’t believe on that, Reiki energy? Yes, I believe in that.I am very glad. I don’t have words to explain all the love and dedication that the people from the Nepal Reiki and Meditation Center, gives every day.

To the Guru, who gide me and give light to my path.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ingrid, Berman, Spain

marty1To update this, I have now become a Reiki Master Teacher (Level 3B) through the Nepal Reiki Meditation Centre and have had the opportunity to work with many other Reiki Masters at the centre over the last year including participating in the recent Reiki Camp where we sometimes treated over 40 patients in 1 day!!

From these experiences, and from doing personal meditation retreats, I now have learnt many different Reiki techniques to use in both my meditations and for Reiki healing / initiations and i now feel 100% confident to give both Reiki healing & Reiki Initations for the benefit of others.

I can only say that the Reiki meditations are fantastic and that Guru Ji has been an amazing source of information for me so for this i offer my deepest thanks and gratitude.

I have now also started my Karuna Reiki Journey with the centre in the hope that I can further improve on my techniques so that i am better able to help for others.

My Reiki Love & Light to everyone who is reading this

Marty Donnelly, Australia


So today is my last day in Nepal, what a great experience it was. Thanks to Reiki……………

I came here especially for this and I didn’t know that it would have such an effect on my life. I heard about it few years ago, but i guess, wasn’t ready for this kind of “travel” …For some reasons I became interested in natural medicine but I needed something simple, I mean a medicine without a particular tool, machine, special place, or this or that… So Reiki seemed to be the perfect one… and it is. It isn’t simply putting your hands on the body, but it is opening yourself to the Universal Energy, opening yourself to purity. Wisdom…

Yes, it looks nice and great and i wish the theory would be enough. But as we know, nothing comes just like that. Practice is again the key word. Because of Reiki I found the strength and a tool to keep digging in myself. I felt before like being alone, but now I have a companion to guide me through this journey.

During the 2nd level practice, I gave a treatment from here (Nepal) to my mother back in Switzerland. She is often without energy, unable to move correctly and has other symptoms according to her sicknees. Because of 20 min. every day during three weeks. She feels full of energy, more balanced and especially more confident !! This is also due to positive thinkin, healthy diet and spirituality…

I didn’t only get to know Reiki in this Meditation Center, I also met a great group of people, always ready to help, support and guide you . Thank you so much…
Dominic Soldati

1245My experience in Reiki is pretty long. Before I was introduced to the Universal Power Reiki, I was simply a student at grade 7. Then I started to learn about the Buddhism being a monk. It was for the first time I had to spend around 4 month being monk at Thali Monastery here in Kathmandu. Suddenly I had to move India at Mysore state for the further learning of the Buddhism. It took around 6 years to complete my Ghechul stage of monk.

It was really amazing experience there in the monastery, and I wanted to continue my journey as a monk to know the wonder of life. So I came back to Nepal to see my parents and to tell them I would continue monk life. Since there were the group of us promised to go back India. But I found myself left behind and got my ticket concealed. All of my friends were gone by then. So I had no option but wait for another group to come.

Then I thought, I would do something until the group come. So, I stayed with my Dad at Bhaktapur. One day my father got a poster through a stranger, which was all regarding the Reiki. Father came to me and ask me to read and he even asked me attend it. I was surprised when I knew that simply hand can heal other and yourself.

At that time I was jobless, I was mentally not well; my father was really worried about my future. My father told me to join school and re do everything. But I was not able to think what to do. I even dint like to read, and was lazy too.

It was then, when I was a irresponsible boy for my father. Then my father took me to the Reiki healing Center, where my father requested Gurujyu to take care of me telling how irresponsible I was.

After that I went to the Reiki healing Center to take 1st degree from gurujyu as Gurujyu said. At initiating Reiki, Guruji kept his hand on my head, and that time itself I felt the warm and blessed vibe and some kind of energy flow. I was really very happy, so happy that I could not express and it was hard to believe. Because being such happy and peaceful was for the first time in my life. Then I kept practicing the Reiki as Guruyu asked me. In that way I learned about the 1st degree.

After completing my 21 days of practice, I was given a chance to serve my Gurujyu at the healing center by my father’s and Gurujyu’s mutual consent. I was continuing serving at Reiki Center; one day Gurujyo told me that I had to join school for study. Then I said yes after being puzzled for a while. I had really no interest at all about studies before I took a Reiki. But after having reiki blessed, i was excited to study too. And moreover those unused thoughts used to come in my mind had also disappeared.

Then I started studying at 7 grades in school. I dint care about age while I was schooling. And now I have cleared my +2 very well. Now I am studying and also continuing the Reiki journey, I have attended second and third degree of Reiki so far. And my life has completely changed because of Reiki and the blessing from Gurujyu. So far, I am involved in an office as a job holder, and sometime I visit Nepal Reiki Center to help Gurujyu and learn from the people around there.

Today I am really grateful to the wonderful universal power Reiki. I am really happy indeed. I have decided to dedicate my life in the journey of Reiki. Now my only aim is to attend master level and meditate really hard. So that I can help people and have a peaceful spiritual life, all changes in my life have come because of the Reiki and blessing of Gurujyu.

I learned Reiki Master Level A. So I can cure any type of disease with the help of Reiki. I got the training in Reiki Since the year 2058 B.S. hence I am planning to expand the rest of my life by giving Reiki treatment service to the needful people. I would like to cure disease in Reiki way.

I have great interest in Reiki Therapy System. I cure myself many problems with the help of Reiki System. So I would like to give my service to other people in believe in Reiki therapy System. As I always do my duty, human life is full of suffering but this negative aspect of life can easily be avoided with the help of comprehensive Reiki healing.

Particularly mental peace is a greatest need in our life. This can be achieved by the helped of Reiki especially in Reiki Meditation. I have many experience to cure a disease with the help of Reiki healing and therapy. With the help of Reiki many uncured diseases in other medical way are able to cure easily. So I request all of concerned person to come and join Reiki to fulfill your life.
Delek Lama

bimalaOn the morning of a day on April 2009, I was on the course of searching good FM station on my radio. Tuning randomly, I stopped searching other stations when I listened some health related programs. It was Maitri FM 99.4 broadcasting something about the Nepal Reiki Meditation Centre (NRMC) and its services that was most demanding for the treatment of all kinds of diseases for all. More than half an hour’s live discussion on air between Mr. Nirmal Bajracharya – a senior program presenter at the Maitri FM, and Ms. Savitri Sinha – a senior Reiki Master had stimulated my interest to visit the NRMC at Samakhusi Kathmandu as soon as possible. (Note: in Reiki education, a female is also called a master when her degree reaches to Level 3.)

When I reached the NRMC, there I met Ms. Savitri Sinha and Guru Lama Ngwan Rigdin – the Reiki Grand Master. The live meeting with these people, their spiritual talks, and the impact of Reiki in the real world made me belief on it. There I came to know, the healing can be received from the Reiki masters or it can be done by me once the initiation is granted from the Guru.

Academically straight forward, intellectually demanding and practically relevant, it is my belief that the initiation (i.e. Reiki education) gives a distinctive addition in the healing market. Hitherto, I have taken Level 2 education and has involved on healing many people through the NRMC including my-self.

Before joining to the NRMC, I was suffering from severe pain on the back side of my body and continuous falling of tears through the eyes. I was in such a moment that it was about to be paralyzed. Due to the blessing of God and with the spiritual power of the Reiki, today I am living happily in a small family with my husband Prof. Arun Bhdara Khanal, and two children Nirvik Bhadra Khanal and Nistha Khanal without any health problem in our family. Side-by-side, I am also helping other peoples from my relatives and the society where I live. Besides, patients of other countries have received my distance healing and cured well within a week. So I would hereby like to tell all of you please join the NRMC for you and your families’ better health with almost no cost as compared to other medical expenses. It is just like creating a doctor in each household. So come and join hands with the NRMC as soon as possible to make your country and your world a healthier place to live.


Bimala Khanal | Gongabu VDC-8 | Kathmandu-Nepal
Cell: (+977) 9741144746 | Email:



In 2006 I met Guruji in Pucon, a small country town in Southern Chile. In the 17 months we worked together, he initiated me to master level of Reiki, and became not only a personal friend for life but a spiritual guide whose example of everyday living continues to fascinate and inspire me. Happily driving his “Reiki Jeep”, translating, interpreting and inventing a website for him in Heidi’s family’s house beside the mountain lake of Villarrica, time passed by easily and very quickly. I admired his determination to bring Reiki to those in need in Villarrica. This brought a valuable lesson, as it was my job to offer Reiki programs to Municipal Clinic and Prison authorities. Against all odds, the doors were opened wide in welcome and over several months we were able to help many health-workers, prisoners and prison warders (impossible to imagine, for example, in my native Britain). The lesson – Reiki responds generously to right intention carried into action. A tru example of living Reiki.

In August 2008, I was so happy to participate in the Patan community workshop in Lalitpur and see Reiki help people in pain or sickness. Aspects of that experience impressed me deeply: people’s generosity of spirit – their smiling patience waiting for attention – their gratefulness for the blessing of Reiki – the simplicity of living conditions, where one bucket and a jug of water sufficed for the necessary cleansing of all the healers’ hands (so different from the complicated West). Also, the clarity that Reiki brings, so people understand each other with no word of common language. I felt humbled to perform initiations there. Thank you, Vishwa Bandhu, for making that possible … and for helping me to see, and help others see, that everything that exists arises from one universal energy – divine.

In 2009 I developed a Nepal Reiki program in Durham, the North of England. Life there is intensely hurried and materialistic. On becoming a member of The Reiki Association I was disturbed to see how high the charges are for initiation, explaining why Reiki has the reputation of being only available to the affluent. At a national gathering, and in my practice, I had the pleasure of proposing an alternative: requesting monetary contributions based on days of work (monthly income divided by 20) – an idea I had been considering for years – it worked well.

In 2010, Chile’s earthquake happened days after I returned from Britain, and the main provincial hospital in Temuco was practically destroyed. Many patients were being sent to Villarrica Hospital, health professionals were under stress, and so as in 2006 our Reiki program was immediately accepted. Our team of 5 practitioners from Nepal Reiki Chile (the social group Guruji founded) was able to bring relief to many people. As I saw TV images of people smiling and joking amid the wreckage of their homes that were destroyed, I often thought how distance healing of Reiki from Nepal and other places was energising those smiles and optimism. In the West, however, this is less easy to explain than it is to understand and do.

And now, in February 2011, I have just had the happy experience of taking a First Level Reiki initiation in the mountains. With Guruji’s blessings present, four young people our now doing their self-healing meditations.

Thank you, Guruji, Vishwa Bandhu, Namaste and Bandana!

Rod Walker
Pucon, Chile

sushilaम सुशीला प्रधानांग

सबैमा अभिवादन एंव वन्दना गर्दछु ।

मैले २०६० सालको माघ महिनातिर आदरणिय गुरु वा रिग्जिन लामा “विश्वबन्धु” ज्यूबाट प्रथम रेकी दिक्षा ग्रहण गरेकी थिए । प्रथम रेकी दिक्षा प्राप्त गरिसकेपछि निरन्तर एककाइस दिनसम्म रेकि साधना र स्वउपचार गदै जानेक्रममा मैले आफूमा शारीरिक , मानसिक र आध्यात्मिक परिवर्तन भएको महशुश गरे । त्यतिमात्रै होइन मैले आनन्दको अनुभुति पनि गरें ।

वास्तवमा मलाई रेकीको महत्वको ज्ञान नभएर म मृगतृष्णाको रुपमा यता र उती भट्किरहेकी थिएं । आजको अत्याधुनिक भौतिक युगमा बैज्ञानिक ठोस आधार नभईकन हत्तपत्त विश्वास गर्नु सरल पनि थिएन तर ब्रम्हाण्डिय संसारमा रहेका अनगिन्ती अपार शक्तिहरुको क्षमता र असरहरुलाई हामीले सजिलैसंग नजर अन्दाज गनृ पनि सकेका छैनौ । त्यसैको एउटा हांगाको शक्तिको रुप हो रेकी । जसलाई हमीले दिक्षा ग्रहण गरिसके पछि र निरन्तर लगनशिल भई साधनारत पछि अनुभव गर्न सक्छौं ।

कुनैपनि अध्ययन, साधनालाई मूर्तरुप दिन प्राय हामीमा विश्वास र धैर्यताको आवश्यकता पर्दछ तसर्थ त्यसैको फलस्वरुप आज मैले रेकी मास्टरको दिक्षा ग्रहण गरेको पनि तीन वर्ष भैसक्यो यस बिच म मा आत्मबल र शक्तिको उजागर हुंदै गईरहेको छ । यसको साथसाथै मैले विरामीहरुको उपचार गरेर सेवा पनि गर्दै आईरहेकी छु । यस रेकी शक्तिको महत्व र आवश्यकता आज विश्वलाई खाचो भइएरहेको छ । सामाजिक, मनोवैज्ञानीक र शारिरिक एवं बौदिक परिवर्तनको लागि रेकी शक्तिले मानव सामाजलाई अवश्य पनि सहयोग पुर्याउन सक्छ भन्ने मेरो मूल्य र मान्यता छ ।

तसर्थ सुखी र सवस्थ्य संसारको निर्माण गर्न रेकी जागरण अभियानलाई विश्वको कुना काप्चामा राष्ट्रको संघारमा सामाजको आगनमा पुर्याउनको लगि यस नेपाल रेकी ध्यान केन्द्रको एउटा सदस्यको हैसियतले अपेक्षा राखेकी छु । अन्तमा रेकी शक्तिनै अमुल्य धन हो भन्दै म विदा हुन चाहन्छु । बन्दना ।।

SDC1New Life

Let me introduce myself, I am Shailaja Shrestha,reiki master( third A ,BI). I am involved in reiki healing since 2000 A.D. I feel pleasure and proud to be reiki healer to cure the different disease of different people. As I am now was not before, I was brought to reiki for reikihealing through Guruji REIKI GRAND MASTER NGAWANG RIGDZIN. Who not only cure my disease but has helped me on every path to cure other people through the reiki. I feel like I really found the Angel from heaven when I meet Guruji to give me a new birth.
Sickness was my main problem. I had been probably suffering from many disease as tonsil, chest pain, headache, asthma, mostly allergy and many more. Common cold was the main source . As of these diseases I was hardly surviving. I couldn’t eat whatever I like, cant were as I like, simply like the great wall in front my life. I was fed up with my life. It was disgusting me to tolerate all these things. Much treatment was done to me but that was only for some extent. My half of the life was spent on curing disease. I had got more than 50 places to cure.

One day happened to me that my whole body was swollen. I can’t even stand, eat and hard to sit. Main thing was that even doctor was also hopeless. They also cannot verify the disease. Nether than i just spent crying thinking about this which turned to depression. Thinking of dying fast. My husband was also much fed up of this and too turned hopeless. That time my mother came and took me with her. Kept me with her. She is the only one who never gave the hope. She went here and there for the disease cure. And finally she found Reiki healing treatment.

The first contact of my mother in Reiki was with Rajani Malli. She is the cousin of mine. She recommends my mother to meet Guruji REIKI GRAND MASTER NGAWANG RIGDZIN. She told, Reiki is a perfect treatment. After that, my mother and me took the reiki healing till 21 days. She also took first level initiation and started giving healing to me on home too. It was like magic and relaxing. I was getting cure slowly. Slowly my swollen body came curing. And also slowly my willpower got increased. I never felt anything like this before. I felt better and better. After taking first degree level, I had started practicing regularly for three month. The more I’d do it the better I felt. The serial step was to take the second degree level. So, I took second degree also. I did self healing up to 6 month. My son has also heart diseases. When he feels uncomfortable, I probably send him distance healing. It really works. And I made my son also the part of reiki. It was like the shield to him whenever I was not with him. And also made my whole family as reiki family.

In 2067-06-05 I got opportunity to get third B degree level. I am very much thankful to Nepal Reiki Meditation Centre. I am very much grateful to REIKI GRAND MASTER NGAWANG RIGDZIN,my MOM and Rajani malli as well who has given me a new birth. I am very glad, I don’t have words to explain all the love and dedication that people of Reiki, gives every day. By the help of Reiki, I have been living my life so far. I have been working as a Reiki member. I am satisfied with my work. I am here by the great Reiki power. So I suggest everyone who have been suffering, they should take benefit of Reiki energy. Now proudly I can say that Reiki has taken me into a new world. It is not only a way to be healthy,balanced and peaceful but also a way to help others.

In this coming Guru purnima,I got opportunity to provide first degree as a Guru. I am glad to be a part of Reiki. At last, I would like to say that REIKI is a great thing I had ever found and I am thankful to REIKI GRAND MASTER NGAWANG RIGDZIN and I’d feel very proud to do a service in reiki. Like me there are many people who are hopeless with their life. And I am also there for giving them new life like me through reiki for the rest of my life.

RinaDear Lama:Ngawang Rigdzin Lama Vishwabandhu,

As I promised you before, I am sending you this letter dictated by my mother for you.

I am extremely grateful and amazed at the reaction I have after the serious illness: pneumonia, I had in September-October 2015. You sent me the energy to recover in those days in the hospital almost dying. During those days happened also the magic of being reunited in Barcelona with my three daughters, who live on 3 different countries (Maritza Unanue in Valparaiso, Chile; Jacqueline Unanue in Philadelphia, USA; and Ligia Unanuewith which I live in Barcelona, Spain). In my 92 years, every day I’ve slowly been recovering so well that I am amazed. Usually being optimistic, I feel positively changed, even more optimistic, and grateful for everything that is happening to me, to see things with more soul and every detail of the nature of the beautiful game, every flower that appears on my window.

Four years ago while living in Chile I got initiation into Reiki, then I know about the magic of this healing technique. I thank you and thank the creator of the universe who gave you that power of healing to share with others.

A hug from Barcelona,
Rina (I am sending you a photo showing the day I got discharged after 32 days in hospital)


It was most serendipitous that we ended up in Nepal, travelling from India. We heard about the Reiki Grand Master Lama who had a Reiki Center in Kathmandu and the next day we were in his sweet presence. It was the feeling of a familiar reunion as if we had known him forever. Over the following days, we received our Reiki training.

Lamaji brings his Wisdom and his peaceful, loving presence and teaches from a place of such sincerity and purity. He has a detailed knowledge of healing symbols and shares these with his students, many that are outside the traditional Reiki symbols, for use in all kinds of different situations.

He is committed 100% to making the World a better place and is in perpetual service to the Light, teaching, initiating and healing people from all over the World. We are eternally grateful for his presence in our lives. He is also so generous with his time, despite being a person in high demand.

Maha Brown (Reiki
Master) and David Pan Brown, Authors of The Esoteric Path of Marriage

Our photos are also attached.

Namaste, Maha and David

Remember Eternity Has Already Won!David Pan Brown

Authors of the upcoming title The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship