Request from Ngawang Tsulthrim (Marty Donnelly – Australia) on behalf of the Nepal Reiki Meditation Center & Lama Ngawang Rigdzin on an ongoing project, Reiki Cottage – Reiki Spiritual Healing Center.

Dear friend

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and I truly hope that this message of compassion can convey to you the dire need that we have here in Nepal for medical assistance.   We can happily assure you that our project is being undertaken with the best of intentions, that is, to benefit of all human beings and to help those who are suffering and in need but who do not have sufficient financial resource.

Right now, here in Nepal, there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of people who are dying every year simply because they are unable to afford proper medical care.  In addition to this, there is a significant portion of the population (currently around 45 million people) who are suffering every day with either physical or mental problems, hindered by the fact that they have no money to get the proper treatments.   Their suffering therefore only continues to get worse and worse.

In the more rural areas of Nepal, you may be aware that such things as water, food or shelter are considered a luxury and whilst this in indeed very sad to see, we assure you that the health situation here, whilst more hidden from sight, is exponentially worse.  All life is indeed very precious and we are continually saddened on a daily basis to see this needless pain and suffering.

Who are we?

I write this to you as a fellow citizen of our world and on behalf of Lama Ngawang Rigdzin and the Nepal Reiki Meditation Center (

Lama NgawangRigdzin (GuruJi) is a Reiki Grand Master and a Lama who is truly an exceptional & gifted healer.  He founded the Nepal Reiki Meditation Center in 2001 and has had success in treating many types of diseases including cancer, multiple sclerosis, kidney cysts, fibromyalgia, brain tumors, depression, diabetes, removing kidney stones, heart disease, gastric problems and many other types of physical, mental and spiritual problems.  In addition, he has initiated over 6000 people into Reiki throughout the world.

Nepal Reiki Meditation Center is a non-profitable social organization which has been running for over 10 years for the benefit of all beings.  Led by Lama Ngawang Rigdzin, it offers patients an opportunity for complete health through Reiki and other forms of natural healing.

In recent years however, we have found that for more serious diseases, it has been necessary to treat patients on a full time basis and it is for this reason that we are now seeking to build a small but dedicated Reiki Cottage – Reiki Spiritual Healing Center which will be run on a donations basis (as a not for profit organization).  It is for this reason that we are now sending out this message in the hope of gaining some further financial resources.

Our vision

Formerly referred to as a ‘spiritual healing center’, our vision is to provide a positive healing environment to all those who are in need, regardless of their financial situation.  Amongst other natural healing methods which we employ, our Reiki Cottage – Reiki Spiritual Healing Center will offer patients daily Reiki treatments (many cases require multiple treatments per day), will provide accommodation and will provide healthy, natural & vegetarian food combined with a loving & positive environment.

Currently, for serious cases, we provide at a minimum 21 days of healing at least once per day and in addition we require the patient to undertake the level 1 training in Reiki (self healing).  This then immediately empowers the patient to begin with self healing and we find that this further motivates them towards good health. In many cases, patients who have been told by doctors that there is no hope for them are still alive today!

Our Reiki Cottage – Reiki Spiritual Healing Center will be no different in this respect and will also run as a teaching hospital. Within this concept lies the key to success.  The real beauty of Reiki is that the patient becomes a healer in their own right.  Indeed, many of our patients from the past have not only gained their health but they are so inspired that they have become very powerful healers in their own right and are now helping others to find good health.

We also see this teaching aspect of the project as an opportunity to offer international guests a chance to learn and also to practice Reiki in a tranquil environment where their help is much needed.  We have found that many of our international Reiki practitioners from the past relish the chance to practice their Reiki on live patients and we feel that there is a demand for this kind of spiritual retreat.

We have acquired land in the peaceful district of Thangkot, Kathmandu which is in a perfect setting for this project.   The land is surrounded by nature and by life and being located in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains; it offers a very powerful energy.  We have been receiving donations over the past few years and have now entered into the construction phase of the project.

We have had some political interest in our project and we have now completed & approved a detailed project plan which outlines the proposed design & relevant costing for the project.  The total estimate of costs for the project is approximately 60 Lakh (USD $90,000) with at least 15 Lakh (USD $20,000) being necessary to commence.  Ongoing costs will be met by the revenue generated from teaching international guests and from donations received.

Project construction has been planned in 3 phases, each one has same cost (USD$30.000), each phase is programmed as follow:

Phase 1:

2 cottage, 1 communitarian kitchen, 1 office, and part of perimeter wall

Phase 2:

3 cottage, and part of perimeter wall

Phase 3:

3 cottage, and final part of perimeter wall

Today with revenue generated from teaching international guests and from donations received we have constructed 1 cottage, and part of wall, but we are still far for our goal.

We sincerely hope that you are able to provide any financial support possible so that our vision for a Reiki Cottage – Reiki Spiritual Healing Center will be realized.  A little bit goes a long way here in Nepal so we appeal to your generosity and compassion for all those people who are right now living in suffering.

We also provide more information about the Reiki Cottage – Reiki Spiritual Healing Center Project on our website, and if you are interested in helping, please contact us by email at or and we can discuss the project with you further.  If you are wishing to make a donation, our bank details are as follows:

Bank Account Holder’s Name: Nepal Reiki Meditation Center
Bank Account Number: 00101040002247
Swift code: LXBLNPKA
Bank Name: Laxmi Bank Limited, New Road Branch
Bank Address: New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal

We thank you again for you taking the time to read our message.  May all beings enjoy happiness and may they be free from suffering.

With much Love & Light

NgawangTsulthrim  (Marty Donnelly – Australia)
On behalf of the Nepal Reiki Meditation Center & Lama Ngawang Rigdzin