Learn Reiki

One of the greatest values that Reiki has is the chance it gives us to learn a technique of healing that converts us into healers with no need to depend on others. After learning this technique, the person who practices it regularly will be able to stay in good health – that much is certain.

Nepal Reiki Meditation Center teaches Reiki in English every weekend from Friday and Saturday. Our courses are designed so that you will have a theoretical understanding as well as a practical knowledge of how Reiki works as well as providing you with a practice CD (different at each level). This way, we can ensure that your Reiki practice runs smoothly and that your Reiki continues to evolve and grow stronger. Reiki initiations are always conducted by Lama Ngawang Rigdzin.
We have provided some more details below for each of the levels. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer accommodation at the moment however we are located not too far from Thamel and a very short taxi ride away which should cost no more than 100–150 rupees. Our course runs the following schedule:

Theoretical information Session
2 pm – 4 pm
Initiation from Lama Ngawang Ridzin
7 am – 8 am
Break for tea (& Sharing Experience)
8 am – 9 am
Practice Session:
Healing for self and others
9 am – 1 pm

You will also be given Reiki handouts which contain all the required theoretical information at each level as well as a practice CD so that your Reiki practice is consistent with the teachings that you receive.

We hope that this information is clear however if you have any questions you can either telephone us on +9771 4388211 or contact us via email at info@nepalreiki.org.np. If you are interested in doing a course, please email us with your preference of which level you would like to take and the dates which you would like to take the course. Most of our classes have fewer than 2 or 3 people on any given day so the teachings you receive will be personal and you will have many opportunities to ask questions throughout the course.

May divine light continue to shine for all living beings.