The venerable Lama Ngawang Rigdzin was born in 1961 into the family of a spiritual healer in Kathmandu, Nepal. From his early years he expressed interest in understanding the true purpose and nature of life. He grew up with the inspiration of his father, a renowned spiritual healer in his native community in the Chaubas VDC-7, Hilayvillage of Kavre district and a follower of the Tibetan Bon tradition who showed him through experience the benefits of practices such as spiritual distance healing. Young Lama Ngawang Rigdzin began the search for his own spiritual master who would teach him the secrets of the path of Dharma, the ancient teachings of Buddhism.

Initially in 1996 he learned Hatha yoga in 1997-02-07 by the well-known Dr. Yogi Vikasananda, at Siddhi SadhanaInternational (Ananda Yoga Center) in Satungal, Kathmandu, Nepal and also received initiation into reiki healing power courses 1 & 2 level. After some miracle healing experiences to himself and others, he got inspired to deep study and meditate in Reiki and spiritual path. He took decision to go to the Himalayan region to the remote monastery Serlogonpa, become lama and started to study about Buddhism to know more secret teachings of healing. During his stay in the monastery he served to lamas and also public. After 2 years living in the monastery he went back to Kathmandu and received initiation in 3th and 4th level of Usui Reiki being invested with the title of Reiki Grand Master on 9th August, 2000by GuruSatyananda (Dr. S.K. Saini) from India and also a year later he travelled to New Delhi, India and received Grand master 2 degree course on 22nd March, 2010. He also received Karuna Reikigraudallyuntil master levels. Beside Reiki during his spiritual healing journey he has also studied the courses of 2nd step Qigong Chinese therapy in Kathmandu on 06-december -1997.

He keep sought deep understanding of the healing powers of DrMikaoUsui, the Japanese Buddhist monk who rediscovered Reiki. Trough Buddhism as these powers are related with the Buddhist text known as the Lotus Sutra.

By the inspiration of Buddhas message and secret healing techniques he jumped to study deeply In Buddhism path and he was initiated first by the Ven. Khenpo Ngawang Woserin the end of year 1997 in Kathmandu, close to Bouddhanath temple after that he was referred to the high Rinpoche incarnate Lama Tulku Pema Tharchin Rinpoche at Serlo Monastery, Solukhumbu in the Himalayan region of Nepal closed to Tibet and undertook the study of Vajrayana Buddhism in 1998 August full moon day. Then after, he was also blessed gradually by KyabjeChadralSangyeDorje Rinpoche, The Venerable Ngawang TenzingZangpo Rinpoche, Mahayogi Sridhar Rana Rinpoche (Acharya Dharma Vajra), His Holiness the 41st SakyaTrizin and His Holiness KyabjeTrulshik Rinpoche (Ngawang ChokyiLodeo).

Learning all these spiritual practices brought him to understand the importance of ancient and natural healing in the service of others. “To serve other people who are suffering is to serve The Lord Buddha” became his highest maxim.

Lama Ngawang Rigdzin started to serve with Buddha and Reiki healing initially with a small room TinchuleIn its early days it functioned near to the Great Stupa at Boudha and later at the Swayambhunath Stupa at Bhagwanpau. At present it is located in Thankot badbhanjyang-7, where it is now well known in both Nepal and also by foreign countries. It has benefited well over 6000 people with its Reiki treatments and has helped over 1000 people to help find their own ‘right path’. It has also conducted many thousands of Reiki initiations.

He has traveled to several countries such as Chile, Argentina, Germany, Austria, Italy, Vatican and Romania to spread the spiritual healing and wisdom, due to this many people around the world have being cured and inspired to move to the spiritual path.

Lama Ngawang Rigdzin is now currently working towards the creation of what he describes as the world’s first ever Reiki Hospital (Formerly: Spiritual Healing Center in Nepal Reiki Meditation Center) which is to be based just outside of Kathmandu in a nearby village embedded in beautiful mountains. This project is initially being funded through donations so if you wish to be involved please either contact us directly at the center or click here for more information.